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Best 54 inch Bathtubs of 2021 (Reviews and Ratings)

If you found this page, you're most probably in a position where you know your measurement requirements, but are unsure what specific bathtub brand or model to get.

The buying guide below is specifically aimed at people shopping for a 54" bathtub. We have conducted the research on several products in the industry, looking at their best and worst features, as well as comparing them alongside one another.

Our picks

Image Product Type Gallons Rating Review
Freestanding 55 88% Here
Clawfoot 48 86% Here
Drop in 50-60 84% Here


Woodbridge B-0006 - We found several positive things from its specifications list. Of which, we shall discuss in more detail below. One thing that the Woodbridge brand has going for it though, is aesthetics.

First of all, this unit is made in an acrylic material, which also includes a glossy finish, to make cleaning tasks simpler, as well as giving it a contemporary look.

It has double walling, which is designed to retain heat effectively, leaving the water warmer for longer and has an overflow at the plug end. Speaking of which, the drain itself pops up for convenience.

And despite it not being the longest option available, it still has reasonable depth with the ability to hold up to fifty five gallons, which will provide a relaxing soaking experience.

Top this all off with users leaving mostly positive feedback, and this could be a good choice for your washroom.

Kingston Brass VCT3D543019NT1 - This clawfoot tub is made by a manufacturer not quite as well known as some popular names on the market, but has produced a number of products that have been rated well, not just in this industry, but also shower heads.

A more traditional style is up for grabs here, with chrome feet, and porcelain enamel interior. If chrome doesn't meet your style tastes, you can also find alternatives such as oil rubbed bronze, and satin nickel. The ability to mix and match like this enables users to find a theme which compliments other washroom hardware such as faucets.

The feet are adjustable which is great news for people with flooring which may not be level. To give you an idea of water coverage, you can expect it to handle just over 47 gallons of water, giving you 12-3/16 inche sof depth to its overflow.

However, potential buyers should note that this is going to be quite heavy and not easy to move around the home. It also falls into the mid to upper price range, so not ideal for people with a low budget.

Fine Fixtures BT107 - A 54 x 30 drop in tub, from a lesser known name. But don't let that put you off so easily, lets take a look at the main specifications below to help you understand whether or not it's fit for purpose.

Made from a reasonably durable acrylic fiberglass material, which helps prevent damage like cracks. To make cleaning and maintenance easier, it also comes with a glossy finish which is good news for people who keep their bathrooms hygienic and in top condition. And despite it having a glossy finish, it still has slip resistant properties which can be very helpful in a soapy environment.

Because it's smaller in size, it can fit in places that stand alone options just wouldn't be suitable. Providing you have the platform, this could be a smart choice for users dealing with limited space. And it's worth keeping in mind that they're more affordable too.

Comparison table

Woodbridge B-0006 Kingston Brass VCT3D543019NT1 Fine Fixtures BT107
Type Freestanding Clawfoot Drop in
Gallons 55 48 50-60
Material Acrylic Cast iron Acrylic
Color White White White
Dimensions 54 x 28.4 x 28.4" 54 x 30.1 x 23.1" 54 x 30 x 19"
Weight 43 lbs 300 lbs 49 lbs
Rating 88% 86% 84%

Other considerations before you buy

Material - There is no shortage of materials outlined by our guide here. Acrylic, fiberglass, steel, and cast iron are among the most popular. Pick one from that list that you feel provides the most advantages for your home.

Depth and gallons - The amount of water a unit can hold will often go hand in hand with how deep it is. More often than not, the higher the number of gallons listed, the better the overall water coverage. Shallow baths are nowhere near as relaxing as deep ones after all. Even if they are more convenient and quicker to fill.

Width - Like the depth, you will need to know the width requirements. This number can vary widely, but between 30" and 45" tends to be the common range.

Type - Understand the varying styles before you make a purchase. The best tubs are the ones that include the features that work well for you. Look on our home page for more details about how each one can be beneficial. Alcove, whirlpool, corner, and undermount are just a few examples chosen by many. Some will have surrounds or skirting, whilst others won't need it. This will come down to individual bathroom set ups.

Brand - There are plenty of noteworthy manufacturers in the bathroom industry. American Standard and KOHLER to name just a few. We generally recommend users go with well known, trustworthy brands, but there are some cases where lesser known ones out shine the others. Be prepared to pay more for reputable companies.

Price - The price tag will fluctuate based on a number of things. The style, size, and materials used in construction make a huge difference in how much you will pay. For example freestanding tub options are typically more expensive than drop ins simply because they are more expensive to produce. Most tubs fall between three hundred and two two thousand dollars dependant on quality.

Wrapping up

So there you have it, a list and detailed guide to bathtubs 54 inches long. Always look at what consumers have been saying about products where possible through online reviews, as they can give you an early insight into how good a product is. For those of you looking for something a little larger, why not check out our 56 inch and 72 inch guide?

Additionally, if you find yourself wanting to learn more, we have educational resources to help you do so, including a glossary for beginners, and a section for frequently asked questions.