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Best 56 inch Bathtubs of 2021 (Reviews and Ratings)

We've picked out several popular 56" tubs below to analyze their specifications. By doing this, we hope to provide our readers with important information about where they excel, and where they fall short. Our research covers details like material, manufacturers, theme, design, and luxury extras. All thisi information is gathered together to help you compare and decide which is right for you.

Our picks

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Barclay Edison RTDSN56-OF-WHGL - The Edison has a beautifully craftet exterior. It's a freestanding oval model, which measures fifty six inches in length by thirty two inches in width. Not the most spacious option on the market, but one that could work well if your washroom has limited space.

Despite the reasonably small design, it still holds a large quantity of water. The listed gallon capacity is 73 gallons, with a water depth of 16-3/8" up to the built in overflow.

Visually, it looks fantastic, and it's finished ina beautiful, bright white. Readers should note that the accessories such as faucets should be purchased separately.

A&E Bath and Shower Retro - Like the RTDSN56-OF-WHGL above, this model is a stand alone unit, specifically designed for people with a compact bathroom. Despite it not being offering much length wise, it still provides a immersive soaking experience for users due to added width and depth.

It's certainly aesthetic too from our point of view, with smooth edges around the side that give it a modernistic style. This shape also ensures it's easy to wash down after each use too.

We don't recommend this for tall people however, it doesn't provide the necessary leg room and you may find yourself bending your knees uncomfortably.

Users should note that this doesn't come with a faucet.

Comparison table

Barclay Edison RTDSN56-OF-WHGL A&E Bath and Shower Retro
Type FS FS
Gallons 73 N/A
Material Poly-Resin N/A
Color White White
Rating 83% 82%

Other considerations before you buy

Brands - There is plenty of competition as far as brand names are concerned. Some of the more popular and reputable ones include American Standard, Kingston Brass, Kohler, and Woodbridge. Each name have their own collections that cater for many different design tastes.

Arm / head rests - Are you happy with a model that has straight sides, or are you on the market for one which provides comfortable arm and head rests. This is really a question of purpose. Are you placing more importance on the relaxation aspect, or simply a means of washing yourself.

Whirlpool / standard - Several products now come with strategically placed jet sprays that massage your muscles and ensure you get the best experience possible whilst soaking. The downside of getting these innovative extras is that they cost more than plain units. Something to think about if you're not wanting to spend a lot.

Lighting - You can also choose products that have built in lights which are a great way to set the mood and relax. This is known as chromatherapy and it's a great way to modernize your washroom.

Consumer feedback - When we shop around, we always take a keen interest in what customers are saying about a tub online. The positive and negative comment ratio can often be quite telling on how happy people are with their purchase. Just don't rely on one source for this feedback, try to visit the leading shops to understand any flaws and benefits.

Bathroom size - Think about the amount of floor space you have available to you. For example it's not sensible to place a freestanding or large clawfoot tub in a compact bathroom.

Length - Who will be using it? Think about how tall people are in your home, and plan accordingly. A 54 inch option isn't going to cut it for a tall person, but a model measuring 72 inches will be far more acceptable. The same applies to width.

Budget - Set a limit on how much you're willing to spend before you start shopping around. When rennovating your home, you can easily go over budget on uneccesary extras.

Wrapping up

56 inch bathtubs are a great option for shorter people. However, for people with greater leg length, you will probably want to be looking elsewhere.

Before you buy anything, make sure you've looked into each of the considerations we've listed out above, it will hopefully prevent you from making common mistakes. You can also increase your knowledge through our FAQ and glossary.