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Best Clawfoot Bathtub Reviews of 2021 (Ratings & Guide)

Because of the many different types of bathroom tubs, consumers tastes and requirements are constantly changing, forcing manufacturers to change up the designs of their products constantly to keep with latest trends. For those of you aiming for a more traditional theme, a clawfoot tub may be the perfect addition. Combining style and comfort, they will help improve the look and feel of any bathroom.

Whilst the younger generations may not be familiar with them, they were certainly popular years ago, and are back in fashion recently if current trends are anything to go by.

This guide will help consumers better understand the features, shapes, sizes, and materials of each to ensure you find a suitable product for your home.

Our picks

Image Product Gallons Rating
58 85%
40 83%
58 83%


Kingston Brass Aqua Eden - A double ended model, with a great design manufactured by a respected brand in this industry. The materials used in its construction is acrylic which is known for its durability and a great option for people looking for something to stand the test of time. The feet are powder coated aluminum and have a beautiful lion theme crafted on them.

It's a 67 inch model which makes it a reasonable option for average to taller sized people and holds a respectable 58 gallons of water once full. Actual depth numbers is just over 13 inches, measuring from the tub base to its overflow.

If you're working with a tight budget, it's not the cheapest you'll come across, but there are plenty of great things listed among its specs.

KOHLER K-710-W-0 Iron Works Historic - As brand names go, Kohler is certainly one of the market leaders. That's with good reason, you'll consistently find positive feedback on many of their products. However, there isn't as much in the form of reviews for this one, so we will check out the main features below.

Once again, sticking with a more traditional theme, this bath could be a great option for a relaxing soak after work. It has a nice amount of width at 36 inches and more than 60 inches in length, creating a nice spacious area for consumers to sit and not feel too boxed in.

It's available in white, sandbar, and almond. However, something important to take note of is that the feet are sold separately. K-1103 ball and claw is the suitable model number.

The Chelsea Collection CC-SC-C-WH - A lovely white exterior could be a solid match for users wanting something to brighten up the bathroom. Not just the body, but the feet too.

It has a slipper shape that measures 60 inches in length and comes with a beautiful chrome deck mounted faucet which will match the overflow / drain wonderfully.

Manufacturer notes the Acrastone matererial used in its construction is made to help it last a lifetime, and does a great job in reducing the chances of scratches and maintaining its overall quality.

Comparison table

KINGSTON BRASS VCT3D603019NT8 American Bath Factory T011B-WH MAYKKE Mona
Gallons 58 40 58
Material Cast iron AcraStone Acrylic
Color White White White
Dimensions 60 x 30 x 19" 60 x 35 1/2 x 30" 70.9 x 29.5 x 30.7"
Weight 322 lbs 150 lbs 88.2 lbs
Rating 85% 83% 83%

Other considerations before you buy

Design - OK, we all know they are going to have claw feet. However, there are certain aspects of the shape or mould that can change quite a bit. Namely, units with a classic roll rim, double ended, or slipper.

Materials - You're likely to come across a wide range of materials used in their construction. And we have a simple guide for readers to understand the benefits of each here. However, to keep it short and to the point, the most popular materials include acrylic, cast iron, stone, and metal. Each option has its good and bad points, some ore durable, whilst other retain heat much more effectively. Keep this is mind when picking.

Size - The size of your bathtub isn't something you should be overlooking. That's simply because it usually has a tremendous impact on user comfort. For example a compact tub measuring 54 inches or 56 inches is not going to be ideal for someone who is tall, and a 72 inch option isnt necessary if you're shorter and don't have much space to work with. Think about the spacing available to you before you make any decisions.

Foot style - There is plenty of choice in shapes and beautiful designs on the feet. What you choose will be down to your own preference in that regard. However, you should also consider the material used on the feet, which can often differentiate from the main body of the tub. Oil rubbed bronze, polished brass, brushed nickel, chrome, and of course porcelain are among consumer favorites from what we have gathered.

Alternatives - Thinking about your washrooms shape and size, this style may not be ideal for compact spaces, or simply not meet your personal taste. Good alternatives include stand alone and alcove tubs.

Wrapping up

The top clawfoot bathtubs certainly offer users a unique design that you don't often find in bathrooms these days. By understanding the specifications, features, and the advantages / disadvantages of using one through the guide above, you are far more likely to find a producted well suited to your requirements.

For additional information that may help you, our FAQ page and glossary will help our readers learn more of the basics should you choose to. Knowledge about specific terms can really help when it comes to making that final decision.